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Las Vegas Advertising

Las Vegas is unique among U.S. cities. Famous for luxury casinos and show palaces offering non-stop recreation on the "Strip" and in downtown Casino Center, the city has over the years become synonymous with glitter and glamour. Las Vegas since the late 1980s has acquired another identity as a center for business, finance, transportation and services; still the "Entertainment Capital of the World," it has actively and successfully cultivated a diversified economy.

The primary drivers of the Las Vegas economy have been the confluence of tourism, gaming and conventions which in turn feed the retail and dining industries. The city serves as world headquarters for the world's two largest Fortune 500 gaming companies, Caesars Entertainment and MGM Resorts International.

Las Vegas is a leader in conventions. There are approximately 22,000 conventions, trade shows and expos held in Las Vegas every year. Eighteen of the world's 25 largest hotels are in Las Vegas. Each year, up to 36 million people visited Las Vegas.